Weekly News Roundup: OctOVER, NOvember edition

Well, Oklahomans and assorted Others, Ok4RJ’s birthday month is over (WAH). However, that also means that the month of preparing for proud racists is over, and people can stop blaming their bad behavior on the calendar! Don’t forget to take Native Appropriation’s guide to dealing with white people in redface seriously, though–especially white folks with new and (surprise!) racist friends!

not necessarily a best practice but it happens

This week at OK4RJ, Pearl laid down some quick reminders about (or introductions to!) the definitions of different reproductive-centered movements. Erin put together a helpful lil guide to horror movies and misogyny.

In case you missed this awesome news for Native folks in Oklahoma, a same sex couple recently got married via the Cheyenne and Arapaho tribe’s court system. This is an awesome FU to our legislators and a great example of the importance of tribal sovereignty today.

In non-exciting news about the colonial government, that horrible national food stamp cut is taking place TODAY! Starting the month STRONG, nation. According to this article, these cuts are coming speficically when Oklahomans need and use the system the most, ever.

f’real though, feds, y’all are the Pipers of this situation

A law banning forms of medical abortions could be reviewed by the US Supreme Court. The Oklahoma Supreme Court, who also shut down personhood legislation here<3 <3, struck the proposed law down last year. Ye literally olde legislators cannot let it go, per usual. They're REALLY MAD about our systems of checks and balances this week, too. Foundations of our gov’t system suuuuck.

i mean, yeah, but not the way you’re thinking they do, OK lege

Outside of our universe, an MSNBC piece was written that kinda recapped this piece by Pearl, but for coasties.

Our hearts and kraken screams go out to our incredible friends in Texas, as the bad HB2 news is seemingly endless. This is a good time to remind you to donate $$ to abortion funds in the red states that are testing grounds for these kind of bills. Today.

in this situation the kaiju are the legislators and the abortion fund workers are the jaeger pilots, duh

Our last points of order to wrap up the gloomy section are a study that shows HPV vaccines are less likely to cover strains of the virus common among black folks. Doctors note that it’s still crucial to get vaccinated, but that researchers need to hurry the f up. Lastly, Mikki Kendall wrote an always-relevant piece about abuse in activism communities.

abusers are not this obvious but this is the scariest gif I saw this week so

To end this lil get together with happy news, please join us in being PSYCHED OUT OF OUR COLLECTIVE MIND for blog editor and hair styling genius Mallory, who is now a certified lawyer in the state of Texas! WE WORSHIP @ YR FEET, MALLS.

That’s all for this Friday folks. Here’s the new single from babely lady-band Warpaint. It goes well with full-on weekend hermit mode and consumption of post-halloween sale candy.

Elly ate herself sick on candy corn again. She isn’t fond of Octobers.

Weekly News Round Up: Sub-Par Humans Edition

Phew. Some weeks make you want to leave civilization behind and hang out with cows; this was definitely one of those weeks.

100% of today’s roundup gifs brought to you by gifsofcows dot tumblr dot com

First of all, the Supreme Court ordered that Dusten Brown was to return his daughter, Baby Veronica to her adoptive parents. The arrangements for Dusten to stay in touch with his child have not been made public, and furthermore, Brown is facing extradition to South Carolina for not handing over Veronica immediately after the Supreme Court’s decision to award custody to the Capobiancos. This case has been a significant one for many reasons, as  has been discussed on this blog and elsewhere, and it is rather disheartening that the Cherokee Nation’s word on the case has ultimately been dismissed.  While reading up on this week’s decision, I came across an article highlighting an important perspective on the case’s outcome- that of adult adoptees.

On a separate, but still sad, note, we have RH Reality Check’s rather disturbing piece on the economic nature of for-profit prisons. Yep, they’re still thriving (despite many citizens’ misgivings about the morality of incarceration tied to corporate interest), and it turns out taxpayers are footing the bill to keep it that way. This is especially frightening and depressing for those of us in Oklahoma:

“The majority—65 percent—of contracts that ITPI obtained either obligate the state to maintain prison occupancy rates above 80 percent and up to 100 percent, or put the cost of empty beds on taxpayers. The states with the highest quotas are Arizona, Louisiana, Virginia, and Oklahoma.”

This is hardly an incentive to focus resources on  reducing crime, and it’s certainly not encouraging the system to  find ways to reform and keep non-violent offenders, especially drug offenders, OUT of jail. Remember, the United States already has the highest rate of incarceration, and Oklahoma’s is especially high. The for-profit prison system is now ensuring that does not change. Yaaaaaaaaaaay.


And what would a frustration-themed Round-Up be without some gross Neo-Nazis? Recently, creepster white supremacist Craig Cobb started buying properties in a largely abandoned area  of Leith, North Dakota in hopes of creating a lil’ white homeland (barf). Thankfully, Lakotas and Dakotas rallied this past weekend to take a stand against white supremacist doofuses trying to move in and remind them that Leith is close to Treaty Territory, and racist bullshit is not welcome. If you need a boost of hope for humanity, check out some of the pictures of the rally here .

a cow that heard about all the bad things going on and was like “nah, later Earth”

Finally, let’s cross our fingers and hope that justice finally prevails for Marisa Alexander. An appeals court has ordered a new trial for Ms. Alexander, who was sentenced to 20 years after firing a gun at a wall to scare off her abusive ex-husband. Ms. Alexander never pointed the gun at her abuser, and even he admitted that he understood her intent. She had no prior record of violence her self, but had been ex-husband’s violence had been well-documented. Many were outraged by the verdict in her case after George Zimmerman was tried and found not guilty in the same state. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll have some good news to report on her in the coming months.

Finally, enjoy this video of a man figure-skating over loud yellmusic! Happy Friday!


But seriously, Erin is going to go hang out with cows again this weekend.


Rodeo Roundup: Blingee Gifs and Rage News

Jen here and I hope you are Round Up Ready (bad Monsanto joke I’M SORRY)

How I feel about the blog team

This week at OK4RJ, Sandra wrote a piece about something I literally think about every day and that is dispelling the hideous myth that incremental change and moderate solutions are “what’s best for red states”. Thanks but no thanks, I like to handle my systemic inequality directly and at the source, coastie butts.

Pearl told us about ALEC and their jerk convention annual task force meeting in OKC and the unique harms red states face when they’re basically turned into legislative laboratories for corporate interests.

Yesterday Ricky complicated the buzz surrounding Jason Collins’ coming out comments in SI. Despite its significance (both personally for Collins and professionally in the world of sportball), it still reveals some not-great attitudes about masculinity and queerness that are worth a more critical look.

And now for some rage news and shouting

Wanna do a podcast with LoriBeth so hard

In Pride-related rage, the SF LGBT Celebration Committee apparently nominated Private B. Manning as one of the Grand Marshals for the San Francisco Pride parade this year but walked back this decision after nonsense backlash about it being un-American or what the fuck ever. Let’s not even get into the damage corporate sponsors of big city (and smaller city) pride events do, like marketing alcohol to queer folks who are more likely to suffer from addiction and abuse, or foreclosing on homes that disproportionately displace poor queers and queer people of color, or any of the other awful stuff Glenn Greenwald writes about here (caution, as there’s misgendering throughout that article). It’s yet another example of the conservatism and respectability politics that’s permeated and taken over an event intended to celebrate a police riot started by trans women of color for goodness sake (trying to emphasize my frust-rage here).

Also feeling rage over the treatment of Kiera Wilmot, a Florida high school student ARRESTED and CHARGED WITH A FELONY for causing a small explosion after conducting a science experiment (on her own, with a creativity and interest and initiative I personally think should be rewarded). That Keira Wilmot is being punished so harshly is ludicrous, but not a surprise – the school to prison pipeline is part of the excessive use of law enforcement and the penal system to discipline almost exclusively young people of color. It wasn’t uncommon for white bros at my school to set off stink bombs in the halls at the end of the semester and my junior year, and they often carried lighters to class and burned scraps of paper and the edge of their grody jeans for fun – guess who was never arrested or even scolded for such behavior? Yeah.

Alright, alright. I’ve been raging so here’s something nice. In the NE part of OKC, the Oklahoma County Health Department  is opening a new health and wellness center which will aid an underserved part of town, including “a community playground, domestic violence intervention services, four walking trails with five fitness stations and physical fitness opportunities for older residents.” Awesome!

I’m blogging on Monday so you’ll get to hear all my thoughts about the Emergency Contraception News we’ve had this week. Stay tuned y’all! Until then, I’ll be looking at my full sink of dishes from the Shame Cube.

Jen and their cat figured out how to meow at each other, can’t stop won’t stop.

Rodeo Round-up: Side Eye Edition

Hey y’all, I’m alive!  I’ve been awakened from my blog slumber!  I’ve emerged from my writer’s block cocoon and emerged a beautiful, side-eyeing butterfly!


Too much? Too much. Fine.

Before we really get our side-eye on, let’s give some love to the side-eyeing that my fellow OK4RJers have brought to the table this week.  In When the Bitumen Comes Sweeping Down the Plains, Jen breaks down the immediate threats and resistance to the Keystone XL Pipeline.  Rios lays into Sheryl Sandberg’s bootstraps feminism in  The Corporate Mystique: Numbers-Game Equality and “Leaning In.”

Lean in, motherfuckers.

Lean in, motherfuckers.

In other badass OK4RJ news, the Take Root Save the Date has been circulating this week!  Make sure to mark your calendars for February 21-22, 2014.  From one RJ enthusiastic to another, I’ll let you in on a little secret: IT’S GONNA BE BETTER THAN EVER BEFORE!

Okay, celebrating’s over.  Now it’s time to be an asshole.  It’s a tough job, but with so many dumb things just pouring out of people’s mouths, someone’s gotta do it.  And I guess it must be me.  That is my cross to bear.

Side-eye Subject #1
Governor Sam Brownback of Kansas

This guy.  What a round-up gem.  He is the truly the gift that keeps on giving.  Many of you may have heard that he recently signed Kansas State House Bill 2253, a pretty ridiculous behemoth of an anti-abortion omnibus bill that brings new meaning to the phrase “incredibly fucking flagrant violations of the constitution.”  And that’s not even what I’m side-eyeing him for!  Apparently the esteemed governor doodled “JESUS + Mary” on his notes before signing the bill.

Um, I’m just gonna leave this here.

JESUS + Mary = ???  Da fuck, Brownback.  You nasty.

JESUS + Mary = ??? Da fuck, Brownback. You nasty.


Side-eye Subject #2
Matt Yglesias

Basically, an internet shitshow erupted (and rightfully so) when Matt Yglesias nonchalantly jerksplained to everyone that calls for higher safety standards for global workers were unnecessary on account of “shit happens” after a factory collapse in Bangladesh left over 250 dead and many still missing.  There was some weird rationalizing about “choice” in the article and even stranger references to jobs featured on TLC reality shows.  So many other folks did a great job at verbally eviscerating him, I won’t go too deep into it, but I would like to share this reply that I found while I was hate-creeping on him:


OMFG.  Dialectical materialism, really, Matt Yglesias?  Shhhhhh, Bangladeshi workers, slow your roll, the dialectic will unfold when it unfolds. Hey bro, a bunch of super dead old white dudes called and want their theory of social change back.

Hey Matt Yglesias, a bunch of super dead old white dudes called and want their theory of social change back.

Fuckword after fuckword after fuckword for you, Matt Yglesias

Side-Eye Subject #3

Yes, I know.  The media sucks every week (so do Matt Yglesias and Sam Brownback, heyoooooo), but you have to admit, they’ve been especially godawful in their fueling of xenophobia in the Boston bombing coverage.


Oooh, Michelle, your side-eye to the media is giving me CHILLS

Yeah, let’s go ahead and throw some Whitney side-eye for good measure.

I could go on, but I’m afraid my face is gonna get stuck in permanent side-eye mode.  Let’s give our eyes a break and let our butts do the emoting because the Janelle Monae and Erykah Badu collaboration hit the internet this week and this about sums up my reaction:

too. many. feels.

too. many. feels.

Like a self-fulfilling prophecy, Sandra fell asleep in the bathtub last night.  She tweets a lot about being confronted by her own mortality and being an incredibly messy eater.

Rodeo Roundup: Miniature Edition

Hi folks! We’re a bit shorthanded this week, so forgive us our late and shortened roundup.

This Week at OK4RJ:

Several of us attended the Civil Liberties and Public Policy conference last weekend. Pearl wrote a reflection on her experiences with blue staters at the flyover workshops. You can also check out our twitter feed and the #clpp2013 hashtag for more. We are also very happy to welcome Elly back to the blog with a post on burnout and taking breaks.

Elsewhere in the news: 

This week has been very difficult and there is not much we can say in a short roundup post. Our thoughts are with those in Boston and West, TX.

Oklahoma legislators passed more restrictions on abortion and marriage, while the Governor continues to be wrong about the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid Expansion.

Folks born and raised in this state are continuing to put their bodies on the line to protect their home from toxic tar sands and heartless fossil fuel corporations. Because that’s what we do.

Finally, the Supreme Court is hearing a custody case involving a young Native American child and her white adoptive parents. Liz Chen has a breakdown following the oral arguments at RH Reality Check.

Thanks for hanging with us as we settle back into a post-CLPP routine. The weekend is coming to meet you after work.

Pearl is around on the internet.

Rodeo Round-up: Queer Heartstrings and HRC Headaches

So let’s get the marriage news item out of the way now. This week SCOTUS heard challenges to Prop 8, a voter initiative which bans same sex marriage in California. They also heard a challenge to the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), a federal statute which defines marriage as between one man and one woman for purposes of federal law. Edie and Thea’s love story pulls at my lil queer heartstrings. I hope Edie successfully challenges DOMA, but I also wish there were a bigger push to appreciate all forms of relationships and to guarantee basic rights (like the right to healthcare) regardless of marital status.

Lots of people on Facebook – lesbian, gay, bisexual, and straight – supported same sex marriage via changing their profile pictures to that red and pink Human Rights Campaign (HRC) logo. Whatever, I can’t personally get behind HRC for a number of reasons. One of the reasons is illustrated by this Queer Undocumented Video Project call for a public apology:

Despite the broad agenda implied by an organization called “Human Rights Campaign” the only experiences HRC seems to care about are those of white, rich, documented, cis-gender gay men.

At OK4RJ this week:

Ricky celebrated Women’s History Month by honoring the trans women who have influenced them. Rios asks “WTF?” to North Dakota’s legislators and Governor after they effectively banned most abortions there. Show your support for the people of North Dakota by donating to the state’s only abortion provider, the Red River Women’s Clinic.

Elsewhere in the news:

The national media praised Oklahoma for two alternatives to prisons programs in Tulsa County and Oklahoma county. Women in Recovery and ReMerge both divert women from the prison system via offering group and individual counseling, and access to housing and job training.

Oklahoma House speaker T.W. Shannon wants you to know he really loves marriage, ok? He loves it so much that he has sponsored a bill to divert 1% of the state’s Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) funds to pro-marriage public service announcements. One percent may not seem like much but it’s enough to cover a year’s full benefits for 400 single mothers of two. The justification for these ads is on shaky ground. As Matt has pointed out, marriage is not a solution to economic inequality. Over at the Demos Policy Shop blog, Brenden Timpe discusses this bill and the Oklahoma Marriage Initiative, another program funded through TANF, to show how giving states wide latitude with welfare funds undermines the social safety net.

The federal government awarded a three year Title IX family planning grant to the Women’s Health and Family Planning Association of Texas (WHFPT), a network of individual providers and clinics that specialize in reproductive health care. This is great news after the Texas legislature’s 2011 attempt to defund Planned Parenthood decimated Texas’ existing family planning structure. CEO Fran Hagerty conservatively estimates that the grant will enable WHFPT to serve double the number of people they’d serve otherwise.

Last Saturday thousands of men gathered at the Dallas Men Against Abuse rally to encourage men to take responsibility for domestic violence. The author of the Arizona bill that would have criminalized a transgender person’s use of a restroom that did not match the sex assigned to him or her at birth has changed the bill amid outcry from advocacy groups. Now the bill would shield from civil liability businesses that ban people from using restrooms that do not match their assigned sex at birth. The Kansas Senate passed a bill that would allow the state to quarantine Kansans with “infectious diseases,” including HIV/AIDS though the virus is not spread through casual contact.

The video this week comes to you via a segment I heard on NPR last week. A pop country song mentioning queerness? Bless.

Mallory donated to Trust Women’s efforts to bring abortion services back to Wichita. You should too.

Roundup: Dance your feelings

This week, on OK4RJ:

What else is going on this week?  Some more downers.  Arkansas passed a 12-week abortion ban12 WEEKS.  North Dakota is working on a even worse one, somehow.  And Kansas is doing more awful legislative stuff.  Remember when a 1973 Supreme Court Case was going to keep abortion safe legalewfihfjifenani blah blah bl–I CAN’T.

This is too depressing, guys.  Maybe some of the smarties who post next week will want to talk about some of those some more.  (If you are anywhere near the Arkansas Capitol you might consider going to the rally this weekend.)

It turns out the federal government will have to step in to keep insurance companies from screwing over sick Oklahomans, since Oklahoma legislators (who are hellbent on nullifying the now three-year-old PP-“Obamacare”-ACA) are not interested in getting insurance companies up to standards by themselves.

A lady (notably, not a white lady) who worked for a technology company went to a technology conference with some other technology people who worked for other technology companies to talk about technology.  As you may have guessed, most of the people at this technology conference were dudes, because technology fields aren’t famously welcoming/accepting of women.  At this conference, some of the other tech company dudes did some rude sexist stuff, and she tweeted about it.  The rude dudes got fired.  She also got fired, for getting those rude dudes fired.  Rude dudes all over the internet hate her now for her crimes against rude-dude-kind.  She is receiving a lot of threats and it’s scary to be her right now.  Wait, shouldn’t it be way worse to be those two awful guys, you ask?  And, why would a company consider her a liability just for making some people from the internet mad, you further ask, also.  To which I say:  You must not know about nerd rage.


What would you say if I told you that American women’s colleges sometimes discriminate against applicants for being women?  If you are trans, you would probably say, “C’mon, cis lady, that is old fucking news.”  Here is an article about the current movement toward fixing admissions policies for trans women at Smith College.  In other trans news, an Arizona Republican came up with a state bill this week that would make public restroom use for trans people into not just a normal social nightmare, but also a social nightmare with legal and fiscal repercussions!

I am not sure whether to end this post on a Beyonce gif (in solidarity against white feminists being jerks about her new song this week) or on a Justin Timberlake gif (this is a Justin appreciation blog sometimes too) so please accept this compromise.

Jessie this week uh kitties Beyonce TV jellyfish feminism pizza sorry I’m looking at more Single Ladies sketch gifs right now can’t talk good

Rodeo Roundup: #TYZerlina Edition

Well, here we are. I started the week with three boxes of Girl Scout Cookies and now I have none. The joy I felt while consuming them is a mere blip compared to my grief now that they’re gone. I need pneumatic tubes just for sleeves of Thin Mints between the hours of 10:30-1 AM and really only for the week following Daylight Savings because y’all my sleep schedule is wrecked.

tired all week but never at the right time

me IRL

On OK4RJ this week:

We discussed mass incarceration with Jen and the minimum wage with Matt. Reproductive justice is closely intertwined with these issues, and we will continue to tell you about it. In fact, the police shooting of Kimani Gray and the anger and sadness expressed during protests in his neighborhood have helped to illustrate exactly why it has become so difficult to raise a healthy family in communities targeted by the War on Drugs.

Elsewhere in the news:

So I know I just told y’all about a child being executed without trial in the streets of the supposed pinnacle of human civilization, but it does not go up from here. Rape culture, for example, has had a bully week [trigger warning: victim blaming and discussion of rape for all links in this paragraph]. Real and True Hero Zerlina Maxwell has been dealing with fallout from last weekend’s battle with Sean Hannity all week and really we are just here to say THANK YOU ZERLINA. The Steubenville case went to trial this week, and the defending argument is just as vile as you think it is. Finally, another GOP official (this time out of California) is claiming that pregnancy from rape doesn’t happen because Violence And Trauma. Look, lady, just because you have a psychosomatic response (pearl-clutching) whenever anyone wants to control their own lives doesn’t mean you can equate fight-or-flight with some kind of pseudo-scientific neurologically-induced contraception.

two beyonce references in one roundup DEAL WITH IT

all y’all wrong

Tuesday, the Oklahoma House passed three bills that seek to add more time-consuming and difficult procedures and paperwork to the already-arduous process of seeking abortion care. At this point, I can almost feel the sheer volume of barriers-to-access legislation in OK crushing me from a state over. I’m guessing that one of these days, a fracking-induced earthquake will create a paperwork tsunami in the Capitol and only these mean jerks will be there having a mean-person meeting and they’ll all get papercuts until they cry. The papers will settle on the ground outside in such a way that the phrase THIS IS WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE is visible from the air.

The Oklahoma legislature also approved a measure nullifying the Affordable Care Act this week, which is silly, but not even close to as silly as what Rep. Jim Bridenstine said about it:

“Just because the Supreme Court rules on something doesn’t necessarily mean that that’s constitutional.”

Um, sir? Actually, that is what that mea-

“…they say that the court is the arbitrator and after the arbitration is done, that’s the rules we have to live under and we can go forth and make legislation given those rules. That’s not the case.”

How…? What. Why do you even still have a job, dude?

Fortunately for my ability to keep it together, our fave rep 4 lyfe, Rep. Cox, did some deep snarkin’ on the OK Attorney General and a judge in Kansas basically ran Angel Dillard off the road (at a slow speed, resulting in no injuries) while blasting Beyonce and flipping the double bird. Not really, but that’s what we would have done. Also, the Cimarron LGBT Center in Oklahoma City is having their grand opening next Thursday, hooray! Hope y’all go and get you some snacks and some community. I just hope they show this video on loop at full volume with a live re-enactment at the end:

Follow Pearl on Twitter. John Darnielle does (thanks to the incomparable J. Luther).


Rodeo Roundup: A buttload of links edition

Holy gendernonspecific parent of a religious figure, people.  Do I ever have a lot of roundup links for you today.  It’s almost as if a Roe vs. Wade turned 40 in the last two weeks and EVERYBODY ON THE INTERNET HAS AN OPINION.  Alright, here we go.  Grab a snack, tell your boss you’re going to lunch, and direct all your CPU into opening a buttload of browser tabs.

First things first, go back and read the fabulous posts from OK4RJ this week:

Hey!  Don’t go away just because I posted a picture!  Get back here.  Let’s talk about some other Oklahoma stuff.

Speaking of abortion services in the region, Trust Women (the group that’s re-opening Dr. Tiller’s clinic in Wichita, KS) is getting a lot of coverage.  The Daily Beast wrote about them, NPR covered them, the Rachel Maddow Show did two segments on them (the first part is here), and Kansas is getting educated about their services.  And if you’ve noticed that all the coverage is very reverent and slightly hand-wringy and worried, it’s because the people who gunned Dr. Tiller down are all talking to each other and being scary still.   And Some Other People Who Are Definitely Not Involved are shooting their mouths off about waging war against abortion providers.


Pictured: Scott Roeder (currently serving life in prison for murdering Dr. Tiller) and Troy Newman (President of Operation Rescue) totally not knowing each other or influencing each other or sharing gum at all during a Tiller trial earlier in 2009, what are you even suggesting Jessie? Screencap taken from the MSNBC documentary “The Assassination of Doctor Tiller”, narrated by Rachel Maddow, which is currently available on Netflix instant.

Okaaaaaay.  I’m going to rush a little bit through the rest of the roundup now.  Wyoming did something goodArkansas did something badNew Mexico is doing something ultra mega doucheyThe Catholic Church in Colorado did something lolarious for money.  And a lady from Georgia got on the Amtrak in Washington, D.C. with a bunch of red state kids shipped to the coast to participate in the March for Life and told them about her abortion, and it turned out okay.

Jessie is a reproductive justice blogger whose entire family participates in the March for Life.

Rodeo Roundup: Holiday GIF(t)s Countdown

We made it through the year…even through some strange, racist-y parties based upon people misinterpreting history from a culture that is alive and vibrant.

Moving on, let’s countdown some terrible/awesome news from this year combined with appropriate GIFs for your viewing pleasure. HOLD ON TIGHT!

Awesomish but eyeroll inducing: Nancy Keenan, President of NARAL is stepping down to make room for the #youngs. She does give her same ol “You youngins don’t know what it’s like to live without legal abortion” crap. Okay Nancy, some of us might not – technically. However, we do know what it’s like to not have access to this legal service, or funding, or having to endure ridiculous restrictions.  I like that she said “abortion” (the horror!) at the DNC, though. Atta girl!


When the extreme right cannot think rationally it’s time to Blame Feminism/teh Gays! After the tragedy in Newtown, America’s most awful people decided that it occurred because ‘tax funded abortion pills, no prayer in schools, and boys are effeminate cuz gays’ WOW. Well— Also, gun sales are WAY up in OK and everywhere else.

Back to the NRA. I’m totes for rights! Rights to guns, abobos, free speech, health care, etc. But if I’m gonna back up my argument as to why people should allow these rights to continue and not be criticized  it ain’t gonna be a 20 year old movie reference to “Natural Born Killers“. Methinks it isn’t feminism that needs millennials–it’s the NRA.

The APA went and took being trans* out of the DSM. Round of applause for being treated like a person according to a medical text?

Still a great thing


Gov. Mary Fallin: oh the lolz this person gives me. Sometimes it’s on Twitter, Facebook,  or furniture commercials for the Governors Mansion. I sometimes laugh at her children (don’t worry, they’re grown and HILARIOUS) or her “Oklahoma Hair” but in all seriousness, she is a mess cloaked in a rhinestone cross and frosted tips. Others agree! *Validation* I can’t nail down one awful thing she’s done this year because there’s been so many (which we’ve covered) but keep on keepin on, Mary! We’re all here to laugh at you.

Colorlines did an amazing job with their video “The Year in Race” WATCH IT, NOW.

This one is a little bittersweet for me. Since the primaries were over months ago, I’ve felt something missing from my life. Something khaki, sweater vesty, bigoted, misogynist… The biggest thing in 2012, for me, was Ricky Santy. R.I.P. RICKY!


Wait? He’s still alive?

This is me and Ricky. In my dreams.

And at home, Hobby Lobby and their sacred scrapbooking supplies are still hell-bent (pun intended) on not offering contraceptives to their employees. Religious reason stuff is what they say. They’ve been told “No, you aren’t special, you must comply” by the Supreme Court. Guess what? They took off their diapers, smeared shit all over the home decor section and screamed “I DON’T WANNA!” and I guess they will continue paying the $1.3 million dollar PER DAY fine until they are broke?? Since a fudgeton of their money funds awesome Oral Roberts University, (Noted Alums include Michelle Bachmann and Kathy Lee Gifford!) they should probably be expecting a phone call from the school soon. Lord, heh, knows that school would be up shit creek without that Hobby Lobby cheddah since Oral’s son, Dick (I CAN’T) spent billions for funsies after Oral passed away. It’s like Days of our crafting, celibate, bible college Lives! I guess while Hobby Lobby execs are fullfilling the angry, white man trope.. Imma just dance.

Buying all my craft stuff at another place. No holy yarn for me!

I hope everyone has a fun New Years. But, be realistic.. you’re free to webchat with me if you’re into dog hair and watching me play on my computer while I listen to this awesome/bad song. LYLAS.

Molly is armpit deep in Alias re-runs on Netflix. Follow her on twitter for rants and occasional jokes.