Rodeo Round-up: Babes! (Who Run The World)

Hey y’all. It’s me, Mallory, again. Unfortunately Molly had to step down from writing the round up for awhile. What does that mean? It means the snark-factor of this blog went waaaaay down. We’ll miss you, Molly, but wish you the best of luck at your grown up, Trust Women job.

As always, we start with what happened at OK4RJ this week. Pearl wrote about the perpetuation of stigma against HIV positive folks in a Kansas bill and in the Tulsa orthodontist story that has received local coverage. We also announced the formation of the OK4RJ Board of Directors and encouraged people to apply for a spot (you should do it, ok? ok).

the Trust Women team, screen cap via Elly

screencap via Elly

Did you catch the Rachel Maddow Show last night? Maybe you saw Julie Burkhardt and her group of badass, babe-ly employees (three of whom write for this blog BTW). Yesterday Trust Women opened the South Wind Women’s Center, a comprehensive reproductive health clinic located at the site of Dr. Tiller’s old clinic. Maddow discussed the site’s history of violence and the current threats clinic workers have received. And Maddow (be still my heart, Maddow) described the work at the clinic as “defying violence” and as making a statement that violence is not how people get their way in this country. Julie Burkhardt described her work as a matter of principle, as a matter of what is right, and as a matter of justice because all people deserve reproductive freedom no matter where they live. However you characterize the work, we can all agree on its importance. Please consider donating to Trust Women.

What comes up when you Google "Be Still My Heart, Maddow" via The Firebrand Magazine

What comes up when you Google “Be Still My Heart, Maddow” via The Firebrand Magazine

Think Progress reported on a study, which found that the number of patients dying at rural hospitals increased at the same time that the number of patients dying at urban hospitals decreased. The authors suggest a lack of the latest sophisticated technology and a dearth of specialists as possible contributing factors. The government also requires rural hospitals to comply with more lenient reporting standards, which means the government may not realize these hospitals need additional assistance. Think Progress added that the demographics of rural areas skew older. People in these areas are also likely to have more children, be underinsured or uninsured, and chronically ill, so lack of quality preventative and primary care is also a factor. This discussion is especially important in Southern states where health indicators for everyone, urban and rural, are often below average.

[Linked Content Warning: mention of sexual abuse/assault of children] The Guttmacher Institute published a study confirming what young people already knew: older people’s hand wringing about sexually active teens is unfounded. Adolescents 12 years old and younger rarely reported having sexual intercourse and when they did, it was more likely to be nonconsensual. Teens aged 15 and 16 are substantially more likely to have not had sex and in general, “younger generations put off having sex later in life than their elders born in the 1970s.”

In Oklahoma news, the Senate Health and Human Services Committee passed HB 2015, a bill that would “increase the amount of information physicians who perform abortions are required to report to the state Department of Health, which then posts the information on its website.” The full 10th Circuit Court of Appeals agreed to hear Hobby Lobby’s challenge to the Obamacare employer contraception mandate. And in what the Founders must have been going for when establishing this whole representative democracy thing, Al Gerhardt, the co-founder of the Sooner Tea Party, tried via a threatening email to coerce Oklahoma Sen. Cliff Branan into pushing legislation that would prevent Agenda 21 from being implemented. Oh you’ve never heard of Agenda 21? Congrats, that probably means you’re not a right-wing conspiracy theorist or listener of Glenn Beck’s radio show.

This week’s video is dedicated to everyone who worked to bring abortion access back to Wichita. You’re all stars, but take heed of whatever cautionary tale Bowie’s trying to tell.

Even Mallory’s right-wing, Limbaugh lovin’ family refuses to listen to Glenn Beck.

Take Root Speaker Series: Molly of Trust Women

takeroot_logoAs part of our OK4RJ blog interview series, where we catch up with Take Root conference presenters before they arrive in Norman, Oklahoma on February 15, I was able to interview OK4RJ’s own Molly.  You may know Molly as the gif-loving personality twerking her way through our weekly Rodeo Roundup, but she is also on the staff of Trust Women, the group led by Julie Burkhart which is working on reopening Dr. Tiller’s clinic in Wichita, Kansas.  Molly took some time out of working through Superbowl XLVII to go through my questions on Facebook chat today.

Can you tell us how you got involved in Trust Women?  What is your primary work there?

I got involved with Trust Women my senior year as a virtual intern reporting to Trust Women in Wichita on Oklahoma legislation/events.  After working as the Outreach and Advocacy Director for the Foundation, I am now the Director of Operations for South Wind Women’s Center.

Right now, while the clinic is still not open for abortion services, what is it like for a Kansas resident to try to access abortion care?  In what specific ways, and for whom, will the clinic reopening make that access easier?

Right now if you live anywhere other than Northeast Kansas (Kansas City, KS) you would need to drive an average of 3 hours or more to access services.  Wichita is in Sedgewick County–which is the most populated county in Kansas.  There is a lack of gynecological health care in general in this region, and without access to abortion care, maternal and fetal health has been on the decline since the murder of Dr. Tiller in 2009.  By opening this health center, people are able to control their own reproductive and sexual health.

What can Take Root conferencegoers expect from Trust Women presenting at the conference in Norman, OK the weekend of Feb. 15-17?  What is Trust Women hoping to get out of the conference?

It depends on what people want to know.  We will be discussing what it’s like to open a reproductive health center in what is considered “ground zero” (I don’t like that term) of abortion care.  What it’s like to work in a building that was under the threat of constant violence… we will also discuss the overwhelming support we’ve received from the community.  I, as a speaker and Take Root alum, hope to convey that you don’t need to live on a coast to make care accessible.  We have the tools and ability RIGHT HERE! If a health center that offers abortion can open in Wichita… what I’m trying to say is that IT CAN BE DONE.

What are some of the strategies of local anti-abortion groups?

What? There are anti-abortion groups in Wichita?  HA!  I can only say that anything coming from people who do not want reproductive health care in this town has to be taken with a grain of salt.  And that most of the people in these groups who need abortion care can afford to travel to Kansas City or Oklahoma for their abortions.  If you want to quote Julie [Burkhart] from the Wichita Eagle, where she says if they don’t want a nuisance in the neighborhood, they shouldn’t come here.  [Referring to this article.  The exact quote is, “It’s not us who are the ones causing the problems.  If they’re worried about there being a nuisance, they should refrain from showing up at our place of business.”]

What will Trust Women be doing after the clinic opens?

Trust Women will still be doing what we’ve always done… we aren’t done just because we’ve made our first major step of opening a reproductive health center.  We will continue our outreach efforts in Kansas and Oklahoma, advocate for residents through our political efforts, and show the world what red state reproductive justice looks like.  And IT LOOKS GOOD.

What do you hope people outside of the Kansas region will understand about you, Trust Women, or the new South Wind Women’s Center?

Well, we love and appreciate every single person that supports us.  Seriously, we wouldn’t be able to open South Wind Women’s Center without our supporters.  You know the government ain’t gonna support this effort!  It’s important for people to understand that we are here because we love this part of the country.  Regardless of how we may be portrayed in the media, this is the heart of America and it’s phenomenal.  We aren’t going anywhere; we aren’t giving up on the beautiful people and land we grew up on just because our politicians don’t play fair.

How can people outside of the Kansas region help support Trust Women?

We always need donations.  It’s a part of non-profit advocacy and health care.  We have a wish list for general office goods on our website (can there EVER be enough coffee?  NO.)  You can volunteer to write a blog entry, you can retweet our updates, comment on our website, you can sign a petition to let Wichita lawmakers know that you support access in Kansas and beyond.  We also have super-awesometime cool buttons and shirts for sale.

Thank you so much for your great answers.  How would you like to be credited?

Molly—OK4RJ joker and Trust Women Twerk Queen.

Do you really want that credit?  Someone might put out a press release saying you twerk without a license.

OMG.  I just spat out some Rice Krispies.


Registration for Take Root is still open for students and non-students at this link.

Rodeo Roundup: A buttload of links edition

Holy gendernonspecific parent of a religious figure, people.  Do I ever have a lot of roundup links for you today.  It’s almost as if a Roe vs. Wade turned 40 in the last two weeks and EVERYBODY ON THE INTERNET HAS AN OPINION.  Alright, here we go.  Grab a snack, tell your boss you’re going to lunch, and direct all your CPU into opening a buttload of browser tabs.

First things first, go back and read the fabulous posts from OK4RJ this week:

Hey!  Don’t go away just because I posted a picture!  Get back here.  Let’s talk about some other Oklahoma stuff.

Speaking of abortion services in the region, Trust Women (the group that’s re-opening Dr. Tiller’s clinic in Wichita, KS) is getting a lot of coverage.  The Daily Beast wrote about them, NPR covered them, the Rachel Maddow Show did two segments on them (the first part is here), and Kansas is getting educated about their services.  And if you’ve noticed that all the coverage is very reverent and slightly hand-wringy and worried, it’s because the people who gunned Dr. Tiller down are all talking to each other and being scary still.   And Some Other People Who Are Definitely Not Involved are shooting their mouths off about waging war against abortion providers.


Pictured: Scott Roeder (currently serving life in prison for murdering Dr. Tiller) and Troy Newman (President of Operation Rescue) totally not knowing each other or influencing each other or sharing gum at all during a Tiller trial earlier in 2009, what are you even suggesting Jessie? Screencap taken from the MSNBC documentary “The Assassination of Doctor Tiller”, narrated by Rachel Maddow, which is currently available on Netflix instant.

Okaaaaaay.  I’m going to rush a little bit through the rest of the roundup now.  Wyoming did something goodArkansas did something badNew Mexico is doing something ultra mega doucheyThe Catholic Church in Colorado did something lolarious for money.  And a lady from Georgia got on the Amtrak in Washington, D.C. with a bunch of red state kids shipped to the coast to participate in the March for Life and told them about her abortion, and it turned out okay.

Jessie is a reproductive justice blogger whose entire family participates in the March for Life.

Rodeo Roundup: Sad Face

I am just gonna start this week’s roundup with the poopy news and then we will move on.

So you know how Oklahoma likes to focus on jobs and economy? Oh! LOLZ.  No, we like to focus on sexy things like taking food away from poor families! What? You don’t have a way to drive to the nearest Health Department to get your WIC vouchers? Why can’t you just, like, walk or something? With your children? Why should you have something in your neighborhood that helps the community and gives access to nutrition and health care? WHY ARE YOU SO NEEDY? This has got to be the shit that runs through the brains of Oklahoma law makers, cause they stripped Planned Parenthood of their WIC contract. Now the West Tulsa center is shutting down. So an entire part of Tulsa (much of it impoverished-I know from my experience of living there) has no health center. GREAT JOB!

Since we care about women and fetuses so much in Oklahoma (see above) it makes perfect sense that a woman was denied care for an ectopic pregnancy, was arrested for having two prescription pills in her possession, and died within two hours of being put in a jail cell. Seriously, this happened and it’s a disgusting example of how people are treated, the failing war on drugs, and police abuse. This never should have happened. Period.

But you know what will solve all the problems in our beautiful state? MARRIAGE. It’s totally a way to not be a poor, have healthcare, make sure your kids aren’t in a gang, make jesus love you, etc.. The Oklahoma Marriage Initiative encourages people to get married (BUT NO GHEYS!) because marriage is the answer to everything. This Land Press dug up some actual statistics where married people are still somehow magically poor. Huh. If you attend the awesome workshop “FOREVER FOR REAL” your marriage license is only $5! Anyone can attend (no gays) to learn about such cool topics as “What is good communication?” “How to ruin a relationship, or not” and my personal fave “MONSTERS UNDER THE BED” Monster is what I call my vibrator but WHATEVS. I was offered this workshop at a bridal show some years back, I didn’t go but somehow my relationship didn’t get swallowed into hell. Huh. I wonder what Oklahoma’s first family thinks about all this?

Our friends at Trust Women foundation have been working to restore reproductive health care access in Wichita, KS for over 3 years and are just around the corner. Anti’s have decided that they can’t stop the clinic from opening but they will ask the city to rezone the area so a health clinic can’t open. Except there’s already a ‘health clinic’ (crisis pregnancy center) next door. So are they trying to shut down that place as well? Or are they admitting that it’s not a  real medical facility? The best part of their petition is this epic logic fail-  “The clinic had caused disruption for the neighborhood and that rezoning the new clinic out would protect the quiet atmosphere that has developed since the clinic closed.” with this “They acknowledged that much of the disturbance had been a result of the actions of anti-abortion groups, including his.” So they don’t want a clinic there because there will be a lot of disturbance yet they are the ones causing the disturbance? I’m just gonna quote Jessie here-“After the news conference complaining about all the poop in the pool, the swimmer acknowledged that much of the disturbance had been a result of the actions of human bowels, including his.”

And in the latest Hobby Lobby news: No, you aren’t a special snowflake. No, you can’t impose your religious views on your employees. Yes, you can pay millions of dollars a day in fines if you don’t comply. Yes,you can buy land in a impoverished area of Chicago and donate it to a church?? Yes, you are assholes. HAHA! Your “I STAND WITH HOBBY LOBBY DAY” was a flop!

Sorry y’all, this round up was a a total bummer! Maybe next week we will have some good news? Like TAKE ROOT IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER! OMG!

Take Root Dance Party


Since I posted a gif from Romy and Michelles High School Reunion, here’s my favorite song from the soundtrack. and duh, The Pretenders.

Molly looks like she cut her bangs with safety scissors this week. Follow her on twitter if you’re into that sorta thing.


So You Want To Write About A Red State

I was first stung by the disregard of blue-state activists for those of us in flyover country during a panel discussion I attended about campus organizing at the otherwise-great Civil Liberties and Public Policy Conference (CLPP) in Massachusetts.  Our very own Sandra was a moderator and presenter on this panel. Those of us from OU and other red state colleges such as the University of North Texas discussed what it was like organizing in hostile environments where we face large groups of well-funded and powerful opponents and hostile campus cultures and administrations.  We discussed dealing with JFA, the sexual assault policy change campaign, and the harassment WGS faculty and students faced from Representative Aaron Stiles.

i don't think that's a real tornado y'all

The real regional battle: hurricane vs. tornado

After we had finished, an attendee from the North East replied. Hey, it’s difficult to organize in blue states too!  They said that people there were SO apathetic – because everyone was liberal.  Then, students from Smith College described how they organized several protest marches because a student had received a racist note under her dorm room door.  These were the problems that our counterparts in places like Massachusetts and New York faced?  I finally left the room because we received word that Norman and the OU campus were being hit by a tornado while we sat in a safe classroom in Massachusetts.  It seemed that very weather was trying to highlight the differences between Oklahoma and Massachusetts (shout out to Sandy).

Before you hit “publish” ask yourself: Did I take Katie’s free advice on writing about red state activists?

Since then, I have paid more attention to how people on the coasts, in the blue states write about red states, particularly Oklahoma.  Any story that they do deign to cover is presented in the most frightening way possible.  Earlier this month, RHRealityCheck published an extremely condescending editorial regarding TrustWomen’s acquisition of Dr. Tiller’s former clinic in Wichita. The author did not even bother to contact anyone in the organization before deciding that they were probably unprepared and incompetent. I guess it’s easier to talk about how terrible and frightening a place is than actually discuss what people are doing to change these places.  Here’s some free advice to anyone who wants to write about a red state: don’t. Find someone who lives there, who works there, who actually understands the pluses and minuses of their home, and give them a platform on which to discuss the issue.

I think lack of understanding is a big part of the issue in interactions between those of us in the “flyover states” and those on the coasts.  I wouldn’t presume to understand what it is like to go to a school without having to worry about seeing little baby feet chalked on the sidewalk or hide my rainbow bracelet so someone doesn’t call me a dyke.  I wouldn’t know what it’s like to go to school in a place where students and faculty weren’t verbally harassed and threatened simply for attending an event in the same place as a CPC fundraiser.  I wouldn’t understand what it would be like to live in a place where the city council would supply clinic escorts because clinics shut down due to protestors.

Even though it gets discouraging when you go to another conference where people don’t want to listen, when you apply for another grant to be told that they only support causes in Boston or New York City, or when you read another article that just misses the point about where you call home, I am happy that I live here.  Living and working in Oklahoma and Kansas has made me who I am.  I don’t know who I would be as an activist and as a person if I had lived somewhere where life was easier.  We have to be tough, and we have to work harder.  When there’s not much left, you have less to lose.  We have to be our own saviors because there’s no one else to save us.

So here’s some more free advice to coasties and blue staters: listen when we speak, give us the help we ask for rather than what you think we need, and don’t get in our way.

Katie has recently returned to Oklahoma from Kansas and is still trying to find missing socks and library books. You can find her on twitter and tumblr if you enjoy rants about food, coasties, and not getting enough sleep. 

Neighbor State Perspectives: Kansas Q&A

Kansas as mapped in 1872

This month, we’re celebrating the blog’s first year as a resource for reproductive justice advocates and a place for feminist-minded Oklahomans to engage in conversation and investigation. The OK4RJ community has expanded to include voices from close-by midwestern, southern, and southwestern red states, so we’re devoting a series of posts to those perspectives. Today: Kansas!

How long have you been living/working in Kansas?

Immediately after graduation, I took a quickie vacation and moved to Kansas 5 days after I got back. So since the end of May.

What is the current state of activism around reproductive justice there?

I feel like RJ, like in Oklahoma (and most of the world), is a concept that many don”t understand. It is used interchangeably with reproductive rights when they aren”t the same. It”s hard for me to bite my tongue and say “What you”re describing is not reproductive justice, you”re referring to reproductive rights.” because it always ends in a nasty conversation. We”ve had some meetings with a Social Justice group here in town who help with voting rights, immigration, etc and they were excited to work with us because they were surprised that when they spoke to a client, they needed help with more than the issue they were meeting about. Intersectionality! Not to say there aren”t reproductive justice activists here, I just haven”t met many! I”m new! Give me time!

How does working in Kansas differ from working in Oklahoma? How is it similar?

Well, Kansas is definitely the mid-west and it feels like it. We have Republicans that vote with us on reproductive health issues! I thought they were like unicorns, some fantasy being but no! They totally exist but are close to becoming extinct.

Actual sewer rat Troy Newman uses advanced rat techniques to produce "words" for television cameras

Troy Newman with Operation Rescue supporters at a rally in support of Ron Paul in March 2012.

While some organizations in Oklahoma may not be BFF”s, they understand that sometimes we just HAVE to work together to achieve a goal. Some organizations in Kansas straight up do not like each other. They actively work against each other to stall progress in one area or another. From what I”ve been told, the divide became noticeable after Dr. Tiller was murdered. I work in Wichita, a city called “The abortion capital of the World” by sewer rats like Troy Newman, a city plagued with over 20 years of screaming in the  EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. After he was murdered, there was nobody left to provide abortions here, nobody wanted to and the city wanted to just be a city again (Y”all need to up your bloody mary game, tho). People don”t like to talk about abortion, period. But they REALLY don”t like to talk about abortion here.

What are the obstacles that reproductive justice advocates and other activists in Kansas must overcome moving forward?

Like I said, I don”t know many RJ activists (YET!) but those working for Reproductive Rights really need to suck it up. Do you care about reproductive health access or not? People need help and shitty attitudes are just getting in the way of progress. For me, it”s hard to tell the difference in language used by anti-choice and pro-“choice” folks. We have what I would describe as the most abhorrent governor in the US, the Koch Brothers have bought and paid for most of our legislators (they”re coming for yours too!) and we”re out here whining about each other. It has to stop. No really.

Molly has come to terms with the fact that trollin” on people makes her feel better. Just check out her twitter.

Rodeo Roundup: Don't hate the 918

Hello fine friends! It”s good to be back on the blog. Being a grown up is hard! Like, way harder than anything I”ve ever done-and I was totally a grown up before I went back to school. Luckily I have some ahmazing fellow bloggers to cover for me when I”m jetsettin “round the world*

*The Midwest

So let”s break us down some news, y”all!

I”m feelin full of love for my hometown as they”re doing some good things!

I remember if you were in high school and you were pregnant, you ended up at “The Hud” (most of the time) You didn”t have to go but most did as it was the most supportive way to finish your high school education while pregnant or raising a young family. Alisa Bell, an alumni of the program, has taken it one step further and is helping these young families towards higher education with scholarships and grants.  Yeah, one person can make a difference.

And my old high school has taken to, gasp, educating teens about S-E-X. Bring out the  torches and pitchforks! Kids are gonna know where babies come from (the cabbage patch) and how STI”s are transmitted (toilet seats)! For serious though, with a teenage pregnancy/STI rate as high as ours, it”s about time we pulled our heads outta our asses. This should be happening all over the state, EVERY SINGLE SCHOOL.. Ahem.. Governor Fallin. We”d love it if you could take some time off from trollin around the DNC  or sucking up to FoxNFrands.

So I know we”ve talked about Marriage Equality and what it might mean to some-I mean our President said it”s cool, so like, progress. Right? The HRC (Human Rights Campaign) is super big on marriage equality and making anything and everything heteronormative. That”s cool, float ya boat. But why do you suck so bad? Why do you continually sell out the T in LGBT not to mention the Q and the I? Why in the holiest of fucks would you buddy up to a Koch brother??! Some people in St. Louis wanted to know as well so they disrupted a dinner  blood money fundraiser on the 22nd. Annnd it all makes sense. It”s like once an organization gets too big or successful, they lose a sense of reality, they lose knowing how to help those they originally set out to help. HRC is a damn disgrace. 

Back to some good news! Wichita, Kansas has been without an abortion provider for three years now since Dr. George Tiller was shot and killed in 2009 (wait, that”s kinda grim…) After decades of harassment and terrorism, the anti-choice folks got what they wanted. Well, they better dust off their photo shopped fetus posters and wipe the foam from their slacked jaws because Abobos Are Back, baby! Trust Women Foundation has been working since 2010 to re-establish services in the city and bought Dr. Tiller”s old clinic. <amazing that it was still for sale! Why wasn”t it turned into an orphanage for all those babies the sidewalk counselors terrorists promised to take care of? hmmm> Anyway, I hear they”ve hired additional security/entertainment! 

So I saw a lady wearing a scrunchie the other day, and I didn”t know if it was like, on purpose, or if she was going all retro. Then I was like, 1994 wasn”t 10 years ago? Then I got kinda sad cause I felt like my mom did when I wore bellbottoms in…1994. Then I said fuck it, and here”s a video from 1994.

Molly is living in Kansas and stocking up on scrunchies. She really needs a shower.

Rodeo Round-Up: General Strikes, Population Myths, & Poems, OH MY!

This has been a pretty big news week, y’all!

The Oklahoma Gazette had a great article about how the OKC gay scene gained visibility and organized around the AIDS epidemic.  It’s amazing how the actions of a few individuals can help shape an entire culture!  And boy are we ever thankful to them.

Senator Daniel K. Akaka of Hawaii, the U. S. Senate Indian Affairs Committee Chairman has introduced a bill that would “provide Indian Country with jurisdiction over non-Indians who commit crimes on Indian lands, improve the Native programs under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), and improve data gathering programs to better understand and respond to sex trafficking of Native women.” The Stand Against Violence and Empower Native Women Act could probably have a less paternalistic acronym (its referred to as the SAVE Native Women Act), but if it goes through Congress, it could make a huge impact on Native Women’s lives and tribal sovereignty, so we’re definitely rooting for it!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you may have heard that we hit the 7 billion mark this week.  Before you panic, let the wise ladies at Crunkfeminist Collective assuage any racialized fears you may have about the end of the world coming because of too many brown babies.  No, seriously, let them!  And while you’re at, read this population myth-debunker from our good friends at the Population & Development Program at Hampshire College (who bring us the awesome and amazing CLPP conference every year and served as the inspiration for OK4RJ!).  The world may or may not be ending, but it’s not because of population.  Obviously, it’ll be when the aliens come in 2012, right?

Well… that’s my pet theory, anyway.

Some of us at OK4RJ have mixed feelings about the Occupy movements, but I know quite a few of us were giddy with excitement about Oakland’s General Strike!  The last general strike in US was in 1946 in Oakland (its quite the happening place!) and it was actually sparked by female workers who were striking for fairer wages.  Remember y’all, economic justice is reproductive justice!

A little closer to home, early Wednesday morning police raided Occupy Tulsa’s encampment, arresting 10 protesters who were engaging peacefully in civil disobedience and pepper-spraying at least 5.  Thirteen additional protesters were arrested late Wednesday night, while 10 more were arrested Thursday night.  Whatever your opinions may be about the Occupy movement, I think we can all agree that freedom of speech is necessary to a functioning, transparent democracy and that police brutality is unacceptable.  Pepper spraying people who are breaking a park curfew hardly falls under “protect and serve.”

Trust Women, the badass organization that is opening a new clinic in Wichita (my Cleveland, y’all), is holding the Trust Women Summit in Tulsa on Saturday for people interested in reproductive justice organizing to make Oklahoma a better place for all of us to live.  Yeah, its pretty much right up our alley, not to mention the fact that Trust Women is run by Julie Burkhardt, a colleague and close friend of our hero, Dr. George Tiller.  I can’t think of a better organization to work with Oklahoma!  If you haven’t noticed, this round-up has been sadly fart joke free because I’m filling in for Molly, who’s interning for Trust Women and a huge part of the Summit!  I work with pretty much the best people ever.

Last but certainly not least, Oklahoma’s own Lauren Zuniga was featured in a very moving and funny piece in The Abortioneers this week!  It’s so great to read about how Lauren has touched someone’s life, because I know she’s touched many of ours with her words.
We’ll leave you with an oldie but a goodie from Ms. Zuniga, a poem that I’ve been lucky enough to see her perform a couple of times!

Sandra is covering for Molly, who is stuck in the terlet and will be returning for Round-Up Duty/Doody next week.  You can follow @sandraholla for more information about the 2012 apocalypse and @MollyJolene for hourly BM updates.


On Abortion on TV

I think pretty much everyone can agree that abortion portrayal on television is pretty scarce.  And when you do see it, it seems that it’s given that sort of melodramatic spin that completely glosses over any actual emotion that a person would feel when faced with that decision.  Or, what’s worse is how often in popular culture it is presented as a non-choice.  (Do you remember when Jonah Hill said “smasmortion” in Knocked Up?)  And though there are numerous mentions of abortion in pop culture, I can’t say that I’ve ever seen it portrayed seriously and accurately.

Continue reading