Rodeo Roundup: Ugh

Hi friends, so glad to be rounding up for y’all this week. I’ve been stress-eating homemade pie and plain tortillas, and I can’t even begin to think about how many gifts I still need to buy. YOU’RE ALL GETTING MIX CD’S.

Thank god and all her friends that Patricia Spottedcrow is finally free. But when it’s because Oklahoma female prisons are running out of beds, that begs a closer look (or even a look, really?) at the astronomical rate of incarcerating women and people in women’s prisons in our state. Department of Corrections Director Justin Jones says they’re running out of beds because people are staying longer and more are coming in as if that’s just an unremarkable fact of life. When really, it’s because mandatory minimums, sentence enhancements, and archaic drug laws are responsible.

Hey good news, though! The Oklahoma State Supreme Court tossed out two laws that restricted abortion access, including one law forcing pregnant people to undergo additional and coercive ultrasounds and another placing restrictions on medications that induce termination. Of course Scott Pruitt wasted our time appealing the lower court decisions all the way up to the OK Supreme Court; there’s nothing politicians love more in this state than wasting our money writing and passing illegal and harmful laws related to health care.

Have you been following the vital discussions surrounding abortion access in Ireland since Savita Halappanavar’s death almost 6 weeks ago? Carol Hunt wrote an excellent piece discussing how mental health and abortion gets twisted up in politics, and usually in a way to deny pregnant people any decision-making power when they might suffer from depression or suicide ideation (trigger warning on that link). Maybe it’s just me but I hear so many people talking about abortion and its effects who don’t have any personal experience with it; I really love reading articles by people who actually do (imagine that).

And in a final ugh and FUCK YOU to our most faithful public servant (gag) Jim Inhofe, I cannot believe that man had the gall to say passing a UN treaty that affirmed the rights of people with disabilities might infringe on our national sovereignty. ARE YOU SERIOUS? If you could pull that American flag out of your butt, Jimmy, you might notice that this treaty was actually incredibly simple, ratified by numerous countries, and modeled after our own Americans with Disabilities Act. No one has time for that nationalist bullcrap. It failed to ratify and I am still forever disappointed in Republicans to do anything sincere.

Just cause I wanna yo-yo y’all around, be sure to stay tuned about an upcoming conference OK4RJ is a part of: Take Root: Red State Perspectives on Reproductive Justice in February 2013. It’s gonna be amazing and educational and therapeutic and real and mind-blowing; it will be better than anything you ever saw made by James Cameron in 3D. I promise.

Let’s listen to Rilo Kiley and dance about it (JENNY IS SO YOUNG OMGGGGG):

Jen goes back and forth about Nancy Grace’s twitter account. 

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