An Update on the Failures of Mary Fallin

I think the Mathis Brothers commercial featuring Mary Fallin decorating a Christmas tree with Oklahoma ornaments did it for me. I was sitting in my room, watching the newest episode of Grey’s Anatomy on my computer machine with my pants unbuttoned as is my natural state and her smug face popped up to wish me a Merry Christmas.


I will be having an awful holiday, Governor Fallin, because my birthday arrives shortly after December 25th and it serves as a reminder to me that I will not have guaranteed health coverage next year. You have opted out of creating a state-based health care exchange and Medicaid expansion for the people of Oklahoma as some kind of inept political statement. The Supreme Court has already decided that the Affordable Health Care Act is totes fine, and gave you this morally disgusting opt-out that you’re taking advantage of now, and YET you still support Scott Pruitt in wasting taxpayer dollars to challenge it in court.

What Governor Fallin is basically saying is this:

1. No we will not improve the economic realities for the poorest people in this state

2. No we will not make it easier for our poorest residents to access healthcare

3. We will dress this up as an attempt to “empower individuals to take responsibility for their own health” using “market-driven solutions”.

UGH. Just gag me now. Do you think Governor Fallin will pay for my medical care personally if I throw up on her? We all know the code here: “empowering individuals to take responsibility for their own health” means continuing to fail to provide safety nets for the poor, unemployed, and/or homeless in Oklahoma and an outright refusal to understand that many health concerns are something the government ought to take responsibility in changing or regulating, like food security, air and water quality, prenatal care, reproductive health care, etc. And “market-driven solutions” is just a Republican turn of phrase that reminds everyone that they will pass laws that ensures insurance companies and business can continue to prioritize profits at the expense of everyone else.

I’m very pleased to hear the folks over at The Lost Ogle and the Oklahoma chapter of the ACLU have initiated open records requests of the Governor’s office. Perhaps the emails, memos, and office reports surrounding this issue could shed some light on why Governor Fallin rejected money that could help the most vulnerable in our state, why Dr. Glenn Davis, a State Board of Health member, resigned just over a week after the opt-out and refusal decision, and perhaps give perspective on how that fits with the State Health Department’s decision to not renew Planned Parenthood’s contract to provide care with WIC funds. Smells like rotten eggnog to me.

Bah humbug, Mary Fallin. I don’t want your Christmas tree or your warmest wishes or your bullshit letters. In the words of Elly, a great OK4RJ blogger we all miss overseas: I don’t want to have to pay anyone any more money I don’t have just to stay alive.

Jen would like vegan donuts for Christmas…you know…if you’re offering.

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