Rodeo Roundup – The week where people freak about the veep

Why hello lovely ones! Sorry I”ve only been able to do these roundups sporadically. You know how I was whining about working in politics and wah, wah, wah? Well, all the campaigns I was working on LOST! So that means the Lard above just wants me to write roundups Fridays, drink mimosas and yell at the TV.  You okay with that?



So let us discuss RyanPaulRyan. I”m going to call him that because I can”t remember his name and I don”t care and it doesn”t really matter. Yes, this dude blows. Why didn”t RomCom just pick RickySanty? I”d be down. RyanPaulRyan, or RPR, was named “Biggest Brown Noser” in high school. Obviously he”s graduated to biggest rim jobber…yeah, I said it. But you were thinking it! So the internet is ablur with how awful RPR is, what a little scumbag, sack of shit, smegma toothed misogynist he is, and the internet is right! It is my professional opinion, after running a couple losing campaigns, that being VEEP ain”t shit. I ain”t the only one. He is so much more dangerous in the house. On the off online casino chance these buttwads are elected, let”s make sure Romney”s batteries and hardware are always running, k?? (Ick, that”s a scary thought)

Y”all know I love to bitch and moan about people giving lip service when referring to reproductive justice and the need for it in certain areas. I think people really do care but aren”t sure what to do or where to start. Well, some well known bloggers/activists have started a site, Flyover Feminism, that will hopefully let some light shine down on “flyover” states and the amazing people working in them. (Ahem..)

MS is a state in danger of having no abortion access; ridiculous regulations (that we are seeing all over the country) are coming down hard on the clinic and the state is ready to shut the clinic down. Dr. Willie Parker has stepped in to do everything he can to make sure this won”t happen.

Ah yes, the new face of feminism! That looks just like the old face!

Oh for the love of vodka! Noted racist Gov. Jan Brewer (R-Arizona) said she won”t allow anyone undocumented to get ID, ugh. I hope you stick your nasty, pointy finger into an electric socket!

You know what I”m really sick of? Lazy, freeloading little kids just leeching off the public school lunch system. Luckily Todd Akin (R-MO) feels the same way! Get a job, Junior!

That”s it considering I think I might have gotten a little bit of food poisoning. I”m not sure. I”ll keep you updated.

Well, I”ll have to get over RickySanty and move onto RPR..So stay away! THAT BOY IS MINE!

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