Rodeo Roundup: Hurricanes and Personhood Funerals

There’s a hurricane on it’s way to Tampa just in time for the Republican National Convention. Those evangelical GOP’ers better use their Bibles & portable constitutions as flotation devices as the RNC gonna wash into the gulf, y’all.* Call Kevin Yoder, he’s an expert on Tea Party Swimming!  


Oh geez you guyz. (Trigger Warnings at the links) This week was a shitsterm of awful, terrible people saying awful, terrible things.

This fartknuckle running  for sheriff says he’ll use deadly force to stop anyone going to get an abortion. uuhhhh…but it’s okay y’all. He’s totes sowwry now!

Can we stop with the abortion hierarchy crap? It’s all or nothing, you shitsticks! We aren’t doing ourselves any favors here. (Cough……cough)

WILL YOU JUST CALM DOWN? (The menz say are ladiez too *~~EmO~~*)

Looks like my BFFs over at Abolition Human Abortion have been called out nationally for using a symbol that looks alarmingly like something a Nazi would have used…hmm. I don’t really think they love the pre-Jason-Bourne babies that much because they didn’t take me seriously when I suggested this site about personhood funerals to them.

Oh Kirky!(TW)  

Romney says ‘birther’ is just a weird term to use for someone who might be a…dun dun dun…anchor baby! (Yes, both of these terms are terrible. I’m throwing them back at him. If I had poo, I’d throw that at him as well)

You need to be following Retta (Donna from Parks And Recreation) on Twitter, like yesterday. She’s live tweeting Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 1 and tearing that Angel a new one!

All that Kirk Cameron talk has me longing for my youth. Seven-year-old Molly had quite a thing for Diamond Dave.

Molly just wants some decent BBQ. Airmail her some ribs or just follow her twitter while she tweets about TV and farts.

*No, I don’t wish anyone bodily harm. I just kinda want the RNC to get canceled and watch Republicans cry. That’s all!



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