Rodeo Roundup: WTAF?

Y’ALL. Molly Jo is doin her thang so you’ve got me this Friday! WAHOO. I’m really jazzed to let you know about news I’d like to call What The Actual Fuck.

I spend a lot of time making caps of Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor <3___<3


Across the ole Red River (where our Denton friends live HAYYYY) just outside Bryan, TX there’s a sleepaway camp for highschoolers training to become pro-life activists. If that sounds too gross to read about directly (sort of like looking into the sun) I can basically tell you this: pro-lifers are getting the idea earlier and earlier that to show your “compassion” to people with unwanted pregnancies, it’s important to believe that they have no idea what’s going on and have no idea what an abortion is or what it does. A lot of people seeking an abortion might not know the precise details about the procedure, but it’s insulting to assume that most people don’t that know abortion terminates a pregnancy. They should really rename it Concern Troll Camp and be done with it.

Now I really wanna start my own summer camp (CAMP MISANDRY) where we talk about how great reproductive justice is, go swimming and tubing, craft and do skits about canceled Joss Whedon shows and have groups named after awesome queer folks (I wanna be in The CeCe McDonald Group, y’all!). Can you just imagine the amazing t-shirts and bracelets we’ll make? Pretty sure the folks in Norman already have a chant we can all learn round the campfire (ABOBO ON DE-MAY MAY!).

In a fellow red state to the east, we heard about Delhi Charter School in Louisiana that forbids pregnant students from taking classes. Students were administered a pregnancy test and then kicked out if they received a positive result or refused to take the test altogether. I might have slammed a few cabinets and doors for a good two hours after hearing about this. Thanks to the ACLU who publicized the flagrant disregard for constitutional protections of the educational rights of pregnant persons under Title IX, Delhi Charter School has discontinued the practice.

In good news, The Oklahoma Health Care Authority is working toward identifying unnecessary Cesarean sections performed on pregnant patients in our state. They’ll be reviewing charts of doctor’s whose rates are higher than 18% and actually pay doctors less money through Sooner Care if they determine the surgical intervention was medically unnecessary.

Do you need a coupla good laughs at the expense of Mitt Romney? Click here and here.

I’ve been watching a lot of Buffy lately (I don’t need a reason why) and all these 90’s feels want me to send you off into this good weekend with a classic. Things to enjoy about this video: 1) Mauve lipstick 2)Long floral skirts 3) Woozy guitars 4) Summer scenes that don’t look horrifically, burning-in-hells-furnace-hot and 5) overalls. I’m in the market for a good pair of overalls so if y’all make it down to Goodwill or somethin get at me.

Jen is working on a zine about the art of consensual sexting. It’s gonna be just as cool as it sounds. You can follow their tumblr for tunes and shit.

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