Summer Laggin’

Time to play catch-up with some sweet summertime anti-choice legislation updates!



As some of y’all may know, I moved from one flyover red state to another – Missouri – a few years back (although I live in a bluish city that some folks might be able to focus their eyes on for a millisecond or two before resting on Chicago). You may also remember hearing about the Blunt Amendment on the news when the “War on Women” meme first got started and states were throwing anti-choice legislation around like so many japes in a George R.R. Martin book.

Anyway, the Missouri legislature passed their version of the thing in June. The Blunt Amendment would have allowed employers to deny abortion and contraceptive coverage to their employees based on a conscience clause, which we all agreed was totally silly back when. Our fair governor looked like he might have wanted to let it slide, but wound up vetoing it the other day. Yay!

So this wasn’t Oklahoma news, but do keep in mind that something’s always cooking in the bananastown that is your home state’s anti-choice state legislature.

all i did was google "bananastown" i SWEAR

this banana is going to go full steampunk(???) all over your reproductive rights

Pearl keeps forgetting to buy a day planner.