Rodeo Roundup: Open Mouth and Insert Butt

I had to make a hard choice last week. I had “Beez in the trap” as my ringtone. I snickered every time my phone rang until a donor heard “I don”t know man, I”m shittin on your whole life”. I just kind of froze and tried to melt into the floor. Then everyone pretended like it didn”t happen. So I changed my ringtone, to like, some factory shit. So now I”m the old person who uses the factory ringtone. Sigh. So the theme of this weeks round up is “THAT WAS DUMB”

No, white rich lady from Utah. You don”t know what it”s like to be a person of color. You aren”t “one of them“. What the shit is wrong with you??!!! Why are you asking to sit at their lunch table?


According to one judge in Missouri, being undocumented is tantamount to being neglectful and and unfit as a parent. No, seriously. Encarnacion Romero was detained during an “immigration sting” (you know, the ones the companies don”t get fined for..) and But whether individuals casinos is ever going to be built remains unclear Florida legislators have previously refused an offer by Genting to construct the planet&#8217s biggest casino in Miami, due simply to fears the property would decimate other local operators, like the Seminole Hard Rock in nearby Fort Lauderdale. during that time the state took her son, Carlitos and gave him to a nice white couple to raise (they call him Jamison-I shit you not). The judge took away all of her parental rights as she is now “unfit and neglectful” and “those nice white people are just so nice”-(that was me).

Soooo, let”s have a lil chat about this whole “coming out” business. And I”m talking about abortions here. I”ll start by saying that abortion should not have a stigma attached and let”s fuckin talk and sing about it! But the term “coming out” isn”t free to just use however anyone feels like using it. So my vote to this shit is NO. Other people feel the same! Figure something else out, white elite ladies of east coast feminist activism..something not offensive as fuck. Need some help??

Surprise, surprise. Noted caterpillar face Aaron Sorkin”s new series is a sexist shitshow.

So I know I”ve said it before but Oklahoma is a big trendsetter. The trends just might be for things not all that fun. You know, like state mandated transvaginal ultrasounds (still going on in TEXAS – Not just Virginia!) and other fun things-we were the first state to put pseudoephedrine behind the counter! So when I read that an organic chemistry professor at the University of Oklahoma helps out on the set of Breaking Bad (to make meth production look realistic) I didn”t know what to think. Uhhh..boomer sooner??

It”s okay, JGL..I”m not pretty.

DAMN! Romney and wifey had a bad week. I hope it gets worse.  (I kinda want them to get food poisoning.)

WHEW. That”s it for me right now. I”ll try to find better gifs for you next week. I”m sure the news will just keep getting worse. HURRAH!


And now something that will make EVERYONE feel old (not just me!)

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