Rodeo Roundup

Schools out! Oh thank the Lorde! Sorry there wasn”t a post last week given the large amount of news. But I had been waiting 8 years to graduate so I couldn”t pull myself away from writing about such important topics like weaving and pottery. I”m serious. And don”t judge about the 8 years, we all have our journeys and no I”m not graduating with a PhD. It happens.

Remember when I wrote that there was a bill in California that would allow Nurses and other medical professionals to perform abortions? Welp, that got squashed.

Governor Brownback and most politicians of Kansas went and showed what a twatwaffles they are once again by passing . It”s 69 pages long and does such awesome things as not allowing individuals that make donations to reproductive justice non-profits to use them as a tax write off-which would basically cut their funding. It mandates that women be told that abortion causes breast cancer. It also threatens the accreditation of the University of Kansas because they have a medical school and see, medical students should probably know something about abortion. Brownback doesn”t care, he said if it came through, he”d pass it WITHOUT READING THE BILL. That girl was right, Brownback-you do blow a lot.

So what did y”all think about Vice President Joe Biden and President Obama saying they “support gay marriage“? I feel it”s something that needed to be said but by no means is this statement or kind of thinking inclusive. This is fantastic explanation of why there”s still a ton of progress to be made. And NO, I AM NEVER SATISFIED.  I know we are all waiting on the edge of our seats for some political heavy hitters to give their opinions on teh gayz marrying so Bristol Palin said it was all because President Obama watches too much Glee. Well Jenny “JWoww” Farley ain”t havin it. I really need to finish up the last season of Jersey Shore. Thanks for the reminder JWoww.

Does it come as any surprise that entitled, perpetual teary eyed Mittens RomCom was a total asshole at prep school? He”s a smegmatoothed shithead now, that”s not something you really grow into. So it comes out that Romney taunted and bullied a gay kid at his prep school and attacked him. That shits fucked up, we all do terrible things (speaking for myself here) when we“re young but we learn from them. Not flat out deny remembering doing anything bad and give a half assed apology. PUHHLLEEAASE.


Here”s a quick rundown of the remaining stories:

No, nobody wants to talk about the TIME cover. Catholic Bishops don”t have anything to do so they are investigating if those Girl Scouts are aborting cookies or something along those lines. North Carolina is really trying to one-up all the other states that have outlawed gay marriage by arresting two women seeking a marriage license just days after they official declared it illegal (PS-those marry your cousin and redneck jokes aren”t funny or original). It”s mothers day and I just can”t think of nicer thing to do than take my mom to Hooters for some free wings-that means she doesn”t have to cook on her “day off”! We can all chill now, Park “N Rec has been renewed along with that other waste of time.  Ron is pleased.Alright friends. That”s the week. I”m gonna go put on my tiny hat and celebrate my graduation happy times! I picked this video for you because it”s new and Nikki looks kinda constipated in some parts. ENJOY!

Molly is way into craft mayonnaise and gifs. She”s been using a bowl of salt water instead of a netti pot the last couple of days. Follow her on twitter if you wanna hear all about it.

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