Rodeo Roundup: The one where everyone wants to sit with us

You know that story The Ugly Duckling where nobody pays attention to that fug duck? Cause it’s, like, gross. But then it grows up and gets all pretty cause it was really a swan? Then everyone loves that formerly nasty duck? Because animals have some sense of societal beauty norms?  Or that movie, She’s All That?  I mean, take off those glasses! Nasty. Who wears a ponytail? Then James Vandersqueak or Freddie Prinze helps her out and makes her pretty!

What I’m getting at here is that it’s nice for someone to start paying attention to you even if it’s too late or not for the best reasons. But guess what?! People have totes started paying attention to Oklahoma! We’re all swan-like since Judge Dixon declared the transvaginal ultrasound law unconstitutional.* After over a year in court, The Center for Reproductive Rights and The Oklahoma Coalition for Reproductive Justice won their case after a Republican-ruled House over-ruled then Gov. Henry’s veto in 2010.

But wait, we might be turning back into a duck. A House committee voted to pass PERSONHOOD and a fetal heartbeat bill last Tuesday. Both bills will now go to the House floor for a vote. I have a new favorite politician, you guys. She’s Rep. Lisa Billy (R-Purcell), who said she was too busy with prom in high school to tune into the women fighting for her rights, so she’s just not really knowledgable about “all that.”  Thanks Lisa B! Keep writing bills about it then.

Hang on, swan time! Somebody wants to hang out with us! It’s the ACLU Reproductive Freedom Project! OMG! They’ve filed a lawsuit over personhood along with the ACLU of OK and others. Let’s just hope that case gets a judge as level-headed as Judge Dixon.

Swan/Duck/Swan/Duck! Imma go bananas!



After Dr. George Tiller was murdered in 2009, Dr. Leroy Carhart became one of the only providers to provide late abortions. Anti-choice extremists have flocked to his practice, and they are there day in and day out. Repugnant organizations like Operation Rescue and supporters do their normal thing like make fliers with the names, addresses and phone numbers of Dr. Carhart and his staff on them. This time though they went after Dr. Carhart’s landlord, Todd Stave. They went to the his children’s school, giving out Stave’s personal information to parents and children. He gets calls at all hours as do all of the staff at Dr. Carhart’s clinic. Staves decided it was time for payback. See, it’s pretty easy to find out people’s information, addresses and telephone numbers. He easily found volunteers to call the people that were calling him to see how they’re doing and if they needed prayer. You know, because the volunteers care. Now Staves has thousands of volunteers to make calls to anyone who feels like harassing the staff of the clinic or his family. I like smartasses. I like this guy.

Well sorry so short and sorry no pop commentary. I’ll totally make up for it later. Cross my heart!

Here’s Oklahoma’s own Lauren Zuniga performing her newest piece “Personhood.” Girl always brings it.

Molly really likes movies about proms and high school. She’s never had a makeover. Unless you count that one time she went to Sephora and left looking like Bob Barker. She sometimes wears glasses.


Editor’s note:
*Attorney General Scott Pruitt intends to appeal Judge Dixon’s ruling. To that we say: “really Oklahoma?!?! You want to continue to spend thousands and thousands of taxpayer dollars defending a law that interferes with the doctor-patient relationship and treats people seeking abortions like children? Really?!?!”

2 thoughts on “Rodeo Roundup: The one where everyone wants to sit with us

  1. I don’t even know what to say about that Carhart/landlord story. I feel this is an example of the resilience of red states. People should take note. We are not the hopeless, ignorant, backwards people that we are made out to be. Yeah, we need support from more ‘blue’ regions, but let us take the lead. We know how best to improve conditions in our regions. In sum, wonderful post as always!

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