Rodeo Roundup: "Your Pink Makes Me Puke"

Hi Ya”ll! Happy Friday! Scratch that, I”ve decided that saying Happy Friday is mean because only people that work a Mon-Fri shift really get to enjoy a “Happy Friday!”.  I work tomorrow, so it”s just Friday, right? As usual, it”s all about me! Yay!

So let”s talk about what”s got the repro justice world spinnin” this week. Susan G. Komen decided to end a decades long relationship with Planned Parenthood by pulling funding for breast exams and mammogram referrals (all paid for by the grants). Some say it”s because SGK caved from anti-choice pressure but the general consensus from the blogosphere is that it is because of SGK”s new, Sarah Palin-endorsed, Planned Parenthood hating, vice president. Meet Karen Handel. Well, as my momma says, the shit hit the fan. What a PR nightmare! I feel bad for whatever intern they made delete the thousands of comments popping up on their facebook page EVERY minute. Yeeesh. What is awesome about all this? Planned Parenthood got almost $700,000 in donations since the news broke.

This just in: SGK reversed their decision. This is great news, but as a person who has lost family members to breast cancer, I cannot praise Komen”s name over and over. We”ve covered how they allow breast cancer to be sexualized. The “pink washing” is taking advantage of a public that might not know better. They will also sue your ass if you dare put a pink ribbon or use the word “cure” on something.  That “pink washing” I talked about up there? It”s also refers to, um, GUNS. PINK GUNS FOR THE CURE!* (OMG U GUYZ, it”s called the Hope Edition!) *Dont sue me!

I know the antis have been screaming it for years, but even Komen knows that ABORTION DOES NOT GIVE YOU BREAST CANCER.

In other AHHHHH! News, Pzifer sent out a release stating that 1 million packages of  and are being recalled. If you are taking this kind of pill, BACK IT UP! Most womens centers and all Planned Parenthoods have condoms just chillin” on the counter. Grab “em! Be sure to contact your provider as well to discuss your options. I”m not involved in health care in any fashion, just a PSA for my friends!

What is it with me and these looney tunes? I thought Randall Terry was drying out like a raisin in the California desert somewhere (I really didn”t), but he”s, HA HA, attempting run against President Obama as a Democrat. To give you an idea of who this guy is if you don”t know, he is the original Troy Newman but with more money and book writin skillz. So Randy Terry is going to run “graphic” anti abortion videos during the Super Bowl (told ya he had more money). When you”re involved in reproductive justice, you see these pictures and videos everyday-we know about fabrications, the origins, etc, but the public probably doesn”t. These images can be triggering and terrifying for people. Randy Terry don”t care! Randy Terry does what he wants! Seriously, just check out the dudes Wiki. It”s all for the fetuses!

What are you guys gonna do on Feb. 24-25th? You”re coming to Norman to the Take Root Conference! Yeah, that”s right! It”s gonna be awesome. Why? Because we”ve got some amazing panels, speakers, food, and US!

I would get ta registerin!

And for the Friday Fun Time video, we ask “What can brown do for you?”

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