Rodeo Roundup- Keep on Dancin ’till the world ends!!

Well, this is it. My last post of the year. I’ve done like..uh..6. You like? What are your thoughts on 2011? I thought it was a super mixed bag but pretty darn poo filled. I had some ups (OMG I LOVE MY FRIENDS) and some downs (OMG I HATE SCHOOL AND RON PAUL SO MUCH AND EVERYTHING) Not like I expect 2012 to be full of glitter and Lisa Frank clothing but can a gal (meaning everyone I know) catch a break?

Let’s break down some major events/news that happened in 2011.

The world is NEVER short on victim blaming. Like, ever. That bowl never fills up it seems. It couldn’t have been just me to think that 2011 just went apeshit on the victim blaming, right?

We all know the horrible stories-DSK, The NYC Cops, Julian Assange. Ugh. One way people fought back was with SlutWalk. People have really mixed feelings about slutwalk, myself included. Social Change is never comfortable and there will always be bumps, major hurdles, mistakes, and issues along the way.

You’re in your sweatpants right? You got all day to sit on the computer, don’t ya? As in to go over every.single.restriction that has been brought forth to limit a persons reproductive agency? No? Well good thing someone over at WaPo gets paid to write a post from stats they got from Guttmacher! I mean, there were only 83 laws passed restricting access in 2011.     In all seriousness, I am terrified. I am terrified because the more restrictions that are put forth, the more dangerous and expensive abortion gets. Restrictions like waiting periods, parental consent, mandatory ultrasounds, and insurance restrictions do nothing but hurt women.

Just yesterday, Jezebel posted an article about two Maryland Doctors charged with murder after a patient was admitted to a hospital with complications from a late term abortion. The story rings similar to Kermit Gosnells ‘clinic’ in Philadelphia. So hey, cool law makers and personhooders-keep pushing it underground and see what happens. (Hint: More of THIS)

Oh ABC. EW. Really? You thought a sitcom about two bro dressin up as ladies to get lady jobs would be funny? Unfortunately, most of the world isn’t educated about LGBTQ issues and wouldn’t understand that a bro dressed up like Julia Sugarbaker on the old set of “Working Girl”  is not considered transgender but ABC doesn’t care. I mean, Bosom Buddies was a smash hit*, um..32** years ago and it launched Tom Hanks’ career! Right? No. Never mind that trans people face a much higher discrimination rate in the workplace than cis people. Just Stop it ABC. Here is a petition to sign if you agree.  *two seasons **Im really aging myself arent I?

Okay, it’s 5:30 on NYE. I’m still writing this and I’m not even celebrating yet. What am I thinking?

Here’s some GOOD NEWS.

OK4RJ freakin LOVES Miriam Zoila Perez aka The Radical Doula. She has listed some victories from 2011 which is much needed given all the losses.

We here at OK4RJ wish all of our friends a fantastic New Years. We hope you continue to read our blog, joke with us, come to our conference, volunteer on the hotline, come eat pizza and dance to Robyn with us.

Thanks to my awesome friends who allow me to turn in blog posts late, let me cuss (in moderation), and give me free reign in what I discuss. Seriously-y’all have helped me realize my dream (to wear shoulder pads) JUST KIDDING. I LOVE YOU.

Everyone has their favorite Robyn song. This is mine-cause it takes a lot..


Molly is dedicated to dusting off her wide belt/large shoulder pads from the 80’s for 2012. She’s also gonna be eating a lot of cheese tonight and dancing with her pugs. Don’t judge.



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