Rodeo Roundup: Dead-Inside-Week Edition

Well hello there! I hear we might have some new friends out there? I love new friends! Don”t judge the entire site based upon the roundup please-there”s a reason I only comment on current events and don”t actually *write* stuff and that reason is because I watch a lot of TV.

Please don”t be alarmed at *DeadInsideWeek* (Katie made it up!) For those out there that aren”t from the local area, it is “Dead Week” here at OU which should mean no more work or assignments this week, it”s here to get prepared for finals. Oh, what”s that OU? It”s Dead Week in name only and faculty can do whatever they want. Oh, okay.  Then comes glorious holiday break! Snowflakes! Hot Cocoa! Hot pumpkin brandy! I personally really like winter because I just look so dang cute all wrapped up (and I don”t sweat excessively)  How about you?

So what”s the big story this week? Oh, I almost forgot. A PILL SAFER THAN COLD MEDICINE CAN”T BE BOUGHT OVER THE COUNTER. Despite a ruling from the F.D.A. that emergency contraception (Plan B) could be over the counter with no age restrictions, the Secretary of Health and Human Services overruled that decision.  Pearls, must clutch them! Some speculate this was a political maneuver and that Obama would be attacked left and right if this was allowed to push through. Uh, hey Mr. President, you”re gonna be attacked no matter what so please don”t play politics with people”s bodies.  This is going to hurt people and it will affect certain communities more than others.  I hope it”s worth it to you.

Did y”all know that Oklahoma is, like, recession proof? Is that why so many people move here (or move back) and then start griping about everything Oklahoma doesn”t have?!  Yeah, I”d probably shave my head for Trader Joes too, bro but it ain”t gonna happen. With us being all smiley and recession proof, why are there so many people of color out of work in Oklahoma? Our friend Kate Richey at the Oklahoma Policy Institute breaks it down in the Oklahoma Gazette for us this week. Disheartening.

Hillary Clinton gave a speech this week discussing international LGBTQ rights. This is groundbreaking. Check back here soon as one of our fabulous writers is gonna sum it up for you.

It wouldn”t be a roundup without snarky comments against at least ONE GOP candidate. This one goes out to my favorite-Mr. Rick Santorum!  As a former resident of Pennsylvania, I have deep-rooted malevolence for Ricky S.  Seeing his scrunched up face plastered all over city buses taught me how to  channel seething rage into something productive (internet blogging!) So what has my friend Rick Santy done now? Oh no big deal, just saying America doesn”t need food stamps cause we”re a bunch of fatty, fat, fatties. Something tells me Scrunch Face Santorum doesn”t quite understand that poverty and obesity are linked. He probably hasn”t looked at poverty rates in his own state either.   Did you know that his nickname is “Rooster”? Well, I hope this cock never gets rid of his problem.  (HA!)

Im really sorry I just made you think about Rick Santorum so much. I really am. LOOK! PENGUINS WEARING SWEATERS! We”re cool, right?

Oh Hai, Salvation Army Bell Ringer Person. Listen, I know you”re a volunteer and that you”re out here because you want to help people and that is awesome. Really, it is. It”s not your fault that the organization you”re collecting for likes to discriminate. But no, I won”t be dropping change in that bucket, and if you ask me why or harass me, expect to get an earful.  Guilt and harassment aren”t really the best tactics anyway, right?


Your FunDay Friday Video! I chose this cause it won”t get out of my damn head (stupid J”adore commercial) but it”s powerful. Spend time with those you love because sometimes the world can be too much to take on alone.



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