Rodeo Roundup – Thanksgiving Day edition

Blogging at you from an air mattress in Northeast Oklahoma. I know drinking really isn’t the best way to cope with the stress that comes from visiting family, but it sure does make it a little easier on me. Questions from family range from “Why don’t you have children?” “What are you gonna do with that worthless degree of yours?” “Wow, your leg hair is gettin a little long, isn’t it?” “Feel free to use my makeup before you go out!” “Are you an occupier?” So yeah, I drank half a box of wine last night. Then I listened to lots of sad songs and passed out. Sometimes I really regret moving back to Oklahoma, but it’s only during the holidaze. (hmmmm) Only Kate Bush can judge me!

So another week, more terrible news/people

An amazing and inspiring writer and activist that is very dear to us at OK4RJ, Mona Eltahawy, was arrested, beaten, and sexually assaulted in Egypt on Thursday during the protests. Mona was the Activist in Residence at OU’s Center for Social Justice a little over a year ago, and many of us at OK4RJ got to meet her, take her class, and generally be inspired by how woonderful she is. We wish her a speedy recovery and much, much media coverage. Stay tuned for a post from Sandra covering this more in depth.

At an Occupy Seattle protest, a woman blasted with pepper spray (what IS IT WITH THE PEPPER SPRAY?!!) says she has suffered a miscarriage. She was kicked and sprayed with pepper spray while screaming “I am pregnant! I am trying to get out!” Hey! You just can’t spray people with pepper spray like you water your garden-oh wait, apparently you can. Well, I will just start using it on my salads then.

You know what this post doesn’t have enough of? Attacks on women’s bodies. So here’s another article covering just that. OKLAHOOMAAA-Where the only thing we care about is telling you how to live your life! While I will never, never say that a committee discussing how to improve infant mortality rates is a bad thing, pointing fingers at pregnant women is not the way to do it. Have ya’ll thought this through? How many children are in the Oklahoma foster system? Wasn’t Oklahoma DHS just the center of a huge investigation on the way children in the system are treated. And you want to add more?  Oh, okay…just checking.

It’s been a super trying week (month). I think Judies post pretty much covers it but I did start this petition to get a local party promtion company to lay off using horrible images. With the name calling (here comes the #mencallmethings hash tag!), vague physical threats, and all around “I am not racist but I’m gonna say something really, really racist right now,” Hells Bells!-I’m tired. Are you tired?

I did find something out though. When things get tough, your friends and family really come through. You may be disgusted at humanity (like, icky icky poo poo disgusted) but damn, the people you love are AMAZING, like I WANNA THROW YOU A PARTY WITH ALL THE CAKE, amazing.  

While being at my parents can be stressful, I normally don’t have to deal with any body policing (this includes sneaking chicken stock into the stuffing when you’re a vegetarian)  and I know Im pretty lucky for that. Jez has some tips how to handle it at your next family get together.

The Muppets Movie! I’m old enough to have seen Muppets in Space (3D ya’ll!) in the theatre when I was little. I’m not too sure how I feel about this one, but one thing I know: Miss Piggy was my role model. Fat posi, femme, loud, confident-ya know, like me! Kermit is still a shitty boyfrand, IMO.

So I know it’s Saturday, and it’s been kinda rough. Hold your head up. I love ya’ll. I really do.

And Don’t Blame Me. BLAME MY BOOTY!

Molly is enjoying the soup-slurping weather. She hates the holidays but really loves that warm feeling December gives her (from the space heater). Current tweets are all about the GOP debates-follow if you enjoy screams about Santorum.

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